Business Development


Over 18 years of Experience

Nearly half of my work experience includes engagements at start-ups (those funded by "VCs" and "Angels") to those self-funded by entrepreneurs not unlike myself.

In addition, I have been deeply involved with several of my own businesses / initiatives (see Project Leadership and Dog Park Buddy).

Execution & Vision

The biggest challenge for any business venture is that of execution. Too often, many individuals make the mistake believing: "a good idea is all it takes", and that having one is more important than anything else. In my humble opinion, it's really that of execution that separates those who succeed from those who haven't yet.

Making things happen

Execution isn't necessarily about perfection, it's much more about getting all that needs to be done, actually completed. Being resourceful, self-sufficient, and goal-oriented is key to any project's success.


Project Management

Team Leadership

Information / Technology (IT)

Documentation & Processes

Legal & Contracts


Fundraising / Capital Investment


Resource Planning


Communication & Writing

Business Plans

Strategic Thinking



Visual Communication

Creative Thinking